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Books by John C. Seniff:
Writing is enjoyable to me and I have authored the following books, which are available in paperback and on Kindle. Hopefully, you will find them inspiring and at times entertaining. Reviews are greatly appreciated!

~ John Seniff, LMHC, Reverend PureSound

Buddha Everywhere and Nowhere, by John Seniff, 2014

An insightful glimpse into contemplative mind.

Buddha Everywhere and Nowhere: Living in a World of Connection, 2014
Paperback or Kindle:

Zenmind is Buddha Mind – Paul D.
Spirituality and Our Environment – Sea Moon
What a nice way to escape the day. – Mariel


Awaking Mind: Travels with My Self, by John Seniff, 2007

An exciting and mindful journey to enlightenment

Awakening Mind: Travels with My Self, 2007
Paperback or Kindle:

Beyond Religion, by Ashley Neal and John Seniff, 2004

Talks between two priests: one Episcopal, the other Zen-Buddhist

 Beyond Religion, 2004 (co-written with Ashley C. Neal)
Paperback or Kindle version

Radio Interview with Cynthia Brennen, 2010 on WWLZ-820AM Talk Radio:
Buddhism, Harmony & A Quiet Mind with John Seniff, Zen Buddhist Priest

Article on
“Therapist finds serenity through ancient traditions and individual moments.”
Zen and the Art of Every Day Life, 2007

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