Emotions, PTSD and Spirit

Suffering from PTSD? Take time to enjoy nature.

Suffering from PTSD? Take time to enjoy nature.

Emotions and PTSD

We experience emotions and express them in a variety of ways: anger, sadness, confusion, jealousy, and fear, to name a few. What about those emotions that take hold and become overwhelming? The fear we sometimes face from deep-seated trauma or traumas may develop into post-traumatic stress disorder, “PTSD.” Fears that are so intense that we begin to question who and what we are. These can create a separation within ourselves…a split. Our reality seems to be different from that of everyone else. We question the world we live in. We question our relationships.

There are varying degrees of trauma, from witnessing a murder to being involved in a car accident. How do we adapt to what now is a psychosomatic problem? Nightmares and flashbacks may occur. We may close the curtains of our mind, thereby blocking any sunlight from entering our “room,” shutting ourselves off from others.

What adaptive skills do we have to combat PTSD? Are we just coping, but not living? How can therapy help the process of healing?


In Buddhist thought we all do suffer, but we can use this suffering to learn, grow and transform. Just as our body changes….the inside of who we are changes through our experiences. To have someone with wisdom and experience to hold our space becomes important. Someone who does not just diagnose and deal with issues, but who helps us connect to our very Being. This essence being a Spiritual one.

Our inner nature, whether we refer to it as Spirit, Buddha, Christ, nature or universal essence, is seeking ways to enter our world and reveal itself. Becoming a whole, but not perfect (which only stands in the way of growth) human being is what we truly hope for. Accepting and embracing our perceived flaws. Learning to be compassionate towards ourselves, even if we are judged by others.

Seek Help From a Mental Health Counselor

An experienced mental health counselor counselor with a strong and formally practiced spiritual background can provide good perspective and guidance to address PTSD. If you are in the Jacksonville, Florida area and in need of mental health counseling for PTSD or other issues, call me at (904) 687-3715 for a consultation or email me here.

Let me help open those curtains and bring in the sunlight and fresh air.

In good health,
John C. Seniff, LMHC, Reverend PureSound

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