Meditation for Life Balance

Meditation for Life Balance

View of Cerro Pedernal, New Mexico

View of Cerro Pedernal, New Mexico

My own experience with meditation

My venture into meditation began when I was 19 and continues to this day (I consider myself ageless at this point). I have practiced meditation intensely in Zen retreats lasting anywhere from three days to a week, to 10-minute sessions in the morning or evening or both. Meditation gives me a sense of stability and continuity and creates space for observation. The observation of my thoughts and my feelings without judgment – without labeling them good or bad – has been hugely important to my own growth. 

How meditation can help you

Some people see meditation as a calming practice and a good way to release stress, which it definitely can be. But the practice of meditation was not meant solely for that. It is a practice to quiet internal processes and noise, and for self-observation and awareness. Quiet and stillness over a period of time have the effect of realigning your brain and nervous system to create a sense of balance and wholeness.

This is how I recommend you meditate:

  • Sit on a firm cushion on the floor
  • Keep your back erect, but not stiff
  • Close your eyes or keep them slightly open without staring at anything in particular
  • Breathe from your belly/abdomen
  • Observe your breath. Let thoughts and feelings come and go.

Breathing is important. Posture in Life – kindness, and softness of Heart – is also very important. Despite what you may go through and the struggles involved, always come back to the place of kindness, gentleness and softness towards life itself. Do this in spite of the cruelty and stupidity that may surround you. Meditate on this. Contemplate on this. Let love itself flow from your true nature. If anything and nothing else… make this your Religion…. your Truth.

When seeing a mirage, it looks like a flood and one asks about how to get across the water. However, when the truth is known, there is no worry.” 

~ Dasbodh

Need help?

I help my clients and students learn the practice of meditation. Do you need help managing stress in your life? Would you like to learn the process of meditation for life balance and increased awareness? If you, or someone close to you, are in need of counseling and are in the Jacksonville, Florida area, call me at (904) 687-3715 for a consultation or email me here.

~ John Seniff, LMHC, Reverend PureSound


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