Know Thyself: Your Self-Image

Setting sun

Setting sun

The thought of the world, especially America, is mostly concerning oneself about bodily improvement. How good I feel or look. If we are mostly ego driven, then what we sustain in our life is the image of ourselves – our self-image. The truth is…that image is unsustainable.

Truly knowing oneself is difficult work. Psychological and emotional health is a foundation. Needless to say, physical too. In Buddhist thought, body and mind are one.


The Importance of a Positive Self-Image

Psychology supports having a healthy ego. When one is young, self-image and self-esteem are important. It is much better to have positive self-image rather than a negative one. As we grow older, the so-called ego takes a battering. This is not necessarily a bad thing though. It’s because this self-image cannot maintain itself. It begins to unravel and this is where it gets interesting. Beliefs and religion can sustain the illusion, but that’s another topic.

So at this point what are we to do? Consider these questions:

  • What foundation do we have for self-awareness?
  • Does the mud only become thicker or do we begin to sink?
  • Does negativity take on a different meaning or role in our life where our positive outlook cannot serve to function anymore?
  • Can the bad icky stuff transform into good soil? Can the devil become the new angel?

I invite you to share your perspective and insights. And if you are in the Jacksonville, Florida area and in need of mental health counseling for self-esteem, self-image or other issues, call me at (904) 687-3715 for a consultation or email me here.

~ John Seniff, LMHC, Reverend PureSound

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