Where do Southwestern College Grads Work?

Southwestern College & New Earth Institute

Southwestern College/New Earth Institute

From Southwestern College to Experienced Mental Health Practitioner

My alma mater, Southwestern College and New Earth Institute in Sante Fe, New Mexico, is a “consciousness-centered graduate school for counseling and art therapy.” Recently, college bloggers contacted alumni to find out where its grads are working. I was pleased they asked me to contribute. You can see the full blog here. It’s interesting to see the different paths we’ve taken. Here’s an excerpt from my portion:

Upon graduation at SWC and even during, I have worked at treatment centers, psychiatric hospitals, mental health agencies, including as a clinical director at a group home, a family therapist in New York high school system and in private practice.

At present I am in private practice in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.”(continue reading…)

If you are in the Jacksonville, Florida area and are in need of mental health or spiritual counseling, call me at (904) 687-3715 for a consultation or email me here.

~ John Seniff, LMHC, Reverend PureSound

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